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Ainhoa Luxe Gold and Vitamin C Treatment Kit

Brand: Ainhoa
Product Code: pt2005
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Ainhoa Luxe Gold and Vitamin C Treatment Kit

To Rejuvenate, Protect and add Vitality to skin, AINHOA has created a Nutritive Refreshing Program with Caviar Extract, Gold and Vitamin C, an innovative Facial Treatment, specially designed for professional use, with all the freshness of Vitamin . The regenerative and nutritive power of Caviar Extract, and an increase in the micro-circulation to favour oxygenation of the face tissues added by the Gold, which makes this a prefect treatment
Luxe Gold + Vitamin C Treatment Mask Kit is a refreshing and nutritive facial treatment. Ingredients such as Caviar, Gold and the exclusive Collagen Veil with Vitamin C rejuvenate, protect and provide vitality to the skin.
SIZE 2x10ml Vitamin C concentrate, 4X Biomatrix Collagen Vitamin C masks, Vitamin C Fluid 30ml, Luxe Gold Day and Night Cream 200ml
SKIN TYPE Dry, Combination, Mature
AGE 30 and upwards
MAIN INGREDIENTS Specific Vitamin C Concentrate. Specific Vitamin C Fluid. Specific Collagen and Vitamin C Veil. Luxe Gold Day & Night Cream

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