Ainhoa is dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of cosmetic products aimed at the professional sector. Their working philosophy is based on offering high quality, effective products formulated with natural ingredients that meet the clients’ needs.

Ainhoa Cosmetics specialise in cosmetics that care for all skin types, including the most sensitive. It also boasts various lines of make-up products. Skincare range is divided into various lines, each one designed to meet the different needs of all skin types: emulsions, fluids, masks, Spa products, essential oils, and even a skincare line for men. Among the brand’s different lines we can highlight Luxury Diamond, formulated with powdered diamond and designed to combat skin ageing, and Luxe Gold, with caviar and gold extracts, designed to regenerate and hydrate mature skin. This wide range of products is completed by the recently launched BIO line of cosmetics for professionals, which is certified by Ecocert.

Luxury Diamond Caviar Concentrate is a beautiful set of five bottles with dropper applicators that c..
Luxury Diamond Caviar Concentrate is a beautiful set of five bottles with dropper applicators that c..
Luxury Diamond Caviar Lifting Mask provides an instantaneous lifting effect to the skin, smoothing t..
40.00€ 24.90€
Luxury Diamond Caviar Revitalising Colour Cream is a light cream that produces a smooth and lumino..
81.00€ 49.90€
Luxury Diamond Lifting Eye Cream is the latest generation of creamy eye contour emulsions. It offers..
100.00€ 79.90€
Luxury Diamond Pleasure Facial Cream is a non-greasy, creamy hydrating emulsion. Based on the new co..
133.00€ 109.90€
Luxury Diamond Radiant Facial Peeling is an amazing product to use. A fresh, creamy exfoliant contai..
126.00€ 79.90€
Ainhoa After Shave Gel works to heal and regenerate skin after shaving. Its smooth gel formula conta..
49.10€ 26.90€
Ainhoa Eye Soother Cream is loaded with the highest quality ingredients: Caviar Extract that is rich..
37.90€ 24.90€
A white color creamy peeling with microbeads, which is composed of: caviar extract, Opuntia fic..
57.90€ 31.90€
Refreshing Gel-Cream shaving forming a film on the skin, soothes and provides moisture.  Ing..
51.50€ 27.90€
Oxygen Concentrate is an easily absorbed transparent gel for professional treatments. It activates t..
71.90€ 44.90€
A soft gel-cream specially formulated to balance and increase the natural functions of the skin..
Oxygenating fluid acts upon the deeper layers of the skin activating the cellular metabolism and oxy..
49.90€ 34.90€
Balancing facial mask include moisturizing formula which help to maintain the hydrological leve..
Creamy, pleasant and light emulsion, formulated for the localized treatment of the areas with a..
13.90€ 10.90€
It cleans and refreshes the skin thoroughly and in depth.  Eliminates the skin impurities and ..
35.90€ 26.90€
Treats excess oil Helps prevent breakouts Calms and purifies skin Leaves skin hydrated and ..
53.00€ 39.90€
Purity Purifying Fluid is a textured purifying product which regulates sebaceous secretion, closing ..
Seborregulating cream that helps to reduce the over greasy and clogged pores. Its effects are: antis..
42.00€ 29.90€
Light make up remover gel based on natural plant components. It eliminates impurities, softens the e..
18.90€ 14.90€
Pearled gel which prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the eye contour area. It softens this ..
50.90€ 39.90€
Gel mask for the eye contour area with repairing and softening effects. It promotes tone and vitalit..
36.50€ 27.90€
A soft emulsion for all kind of sensitive skins. It has an effective cleansing and moisturizing..
37.90€ 23.90€
An emulsion concentrate that relieves the sensation of discomfort and deeply revitalizes the skin. I..
49.90€ 34.90€
A facial mask with a strong calming effect and decongestive action which help to relax, calm and bal..
32.50€ 24.90€
A soft tonic which does not contain alcohol that decongesting the skins, which is a perfect complime..
35.50€ 24.90€
A hydrating cream with a dermo protective action which provides moisture, taking care of sensitive s..
45.90€ 34.90€
A soft cream that can restore the biological properties of the skin, also helping the skine for ..
46.90€ 35.90€
Marine salt is the best alternative for a relaxing therapy with ample medicinal properties ..
20.90€ 19.90€
Black & Gold Micro-spheres are composed of ingredients which enhance the skin's luminosit..
130.00€ 64.90€
Body exfoliator with soft and fresh aroma of Roses, a cream which permits hydration and regener..
61.90€ 31.90€
A corporal massage cream, specially formulated to facilitate massage techniques. Favours skin lubric..
54.50€ 29.90€
This Massage Oil with Rose Extract is a new product concept in Oils, with its two-phase particularit..
69.00€ 34.90€
Wild Rose oil is obtained from the seed of a wild shrub or which is cultivated in Patagonian Argenti..
52.00€ 28.90€
A cream which helps to firm the skin by helping to diminish wrinkles and providing a youthful aspect..
45.00€ 34.90€
Vitaminc C Collagen Biomatrix Vitamin C Mask is a micro-porous purified Collagen veil which incorpor..
115.00€ 99.90€
Ainhoa CC Cream is a cocktail of 6 active ingredients designed to treat ageing and conceal blemishes..
46.90€ 26.90€
Enzymatic Peeling eliminates impurities and progressively renews the skin cells of the corneous laye..
Skin tissue re-structuring and firming cream, composed of a Stem Cell Complex, originating from alga..
130.00€ 91.90€
A serum concentrate of immediate effect, with a notable tensio-active action, vigorousness and ..
56.90€ 44.90€
Amazing 2 piece set for day and night lifting and firming serums  Presented as a set of tw..
120.90€ 91.90€
A serum concentrate composed of Stem Cell complex, originating from algae, proteins and DNA from mar..
65.00€ 49.90€
Soft facial exfoliant of a creamy texture which helps to renovate surface skin cells and elimin..
35.50€ 26.90€
After several years of research, it is concluded that Glycolic Acid is up to now the only product th..
Hyaluronic Acid originates from a precious stone found in our body, to which we owe the beauty of ou..
Easily absorbed hydrating day cream with solar protection factor 20, which protects the skin from de..
57.90€ 42.90€
Seaweed-based facial masks, that mixing of the dust along with the part of the gel mask, becomes a t..
54.90€ 46.00€
Facial using seaweed, that mixing of the dust along with the part of the mask gel mask, becomes a th..
54.90€ 46.00€
Vitamin C Vitamin C Concentrate is a professional product based on stable Vitamin C which protects t..
73.00€ 52.90€
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