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Anna Lotan Clear Black Silt Activating Mask 90 g

Brand: Anna Lotan
Product Code: 767

Anna Lotan Clear Black Silt Activating Mask 90 g

A natural Dead Sea mud mask with a unique smooth texture and a versatile effect on different skin types. 

Adhering to the skin, it forms a dark glossy film, easily removed by plain rinsing.

Tightens the skin upon drying, leaving a refreshing lifting sensation. 

Deep cleanses oily impure skin.

Exfoliates mature skin and enhances the removal of dead cells.

Prepares the skin for an intensive wrinkle smoothing cream such as Proligne.

Preservative: Natural

Directions: The mask may be used on its own or over a personalized care supplement specially designated for a specific skin type. A thin even layer should be applied over facial areas (away from the eyes!). The mask will set, within the 15-20 minutes that are required for maximum benefit from the treatment, to a dry dark film. When completely dry, rinse off thoroughly with a moist sponge or with cold running water. Follow with an application of your day or night moisturizer.
Avoid using on fragile skin with visible capillaries.

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