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Biodroga MD Anti Age Collagen Boost Day Care

Brand: Biodroga
Product Code: BDMD5

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Biodroga MD Anti Age Collagen Boost Day Care

BIODROGA MD ANTI-AGE Collagen Boost Day Care is a high-performance product with peptides, phytostimulates and tripeptides promote the skin’s collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin tissue. Highly nourishing ingredients provide a velvety-smooth structure leaving your skin feeling amazing. Together, the white grape seed extract and vitamin E acetate have an antioxidative effect, and with an added UVA/UVB protection complex, protect the skin from premature aging due to sunlight. Hyaluronic acid and super hyaluronic acid provide optimal moisture to the skin and optimize the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

*Free from emulsifiers, fragrance, and mineral oils. Paraben-free.

To use: The creme is applied to the face, throat and décolleté in the mornings after cleansing, and after eye creme and, if applicable, serum is applied.

Key Ingredients: Tripeptides, Mango seed oil, Shorea butter, Vitamin E acetate, Olive oil derivative, Yam root extract, Creatine, Red clover extract, Hyaluronic acid, Super hyaluronic acid, White grape seed extract, Derma Membrane Complex, UVA/UVB protection complex, Plant-based squalane, Shea butter

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