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Hair growing stopper that progressively slows down the appearance of hair until make it disappear co..
59.90€ 33.90€
Body exfoliator with a creamy texture. It contains exfoliating granules that help eliminate dead cel..
Anti-cellulite gel formulated with powerful assets of advanced technology and proven effectiveness t..
Marine salt is the best alternative for a relaxing therapy with ample medicinal properties ..
20.90€ 19.90€
Black & Gold Micro-spheres are composed of ingredients which enhance the skin's luminosit..
130.00€ 64.90€
Body exfoliator with soft and fresh aroma of Roses, a cream which permits hydration and regener..
61.90€ 31.90€
A corporal massage cream, specially formulated to facilitate massage techniques. Favours skin lubric..
54.50€ 29.90€
This Massage Oil with Rose Extract is a new product concept in Oils, with its two-phase particularit..
69.00€ 34.90€
Wild Rose oil is obtained from the seed of a wild shrub or which is cultivated in Patagonian Argenti..
52.00€ 28.90€
AINHOA Sun Care SPF15 Anti-cellulite Cream is not just effective for health;  due to its compo..
An easily absorbed, natural, oil free fluid gel, enriched with premium moisture binding ingredients,..
A natural, moisturizing body cream ideal for everyday use after the shower.  Spreads easily ..
An innovative blend of premium massage oils and moisturizing extracts. Applied to the skin as a c..
An intimate cleanser in the form of a moisturizing foamy mousse containing mild detergents and sooth..
Designed to soften and smooth the skin, shea butter significantly extends the skin's moisture re..
Neutralizes body odor and regulates perspiration. It is ideal for use after hair removal. Free of al..
Essential oil reduces stagnant fluid. Eliminates toxins. Counters build-up of localized adipose. Act..
24.00€ 19.90€
Firming serum Intensive toning treatment formulated to revitalize and tone. Increases tone and el..
24.00€ 19.90€
The Cryogenic Firming Mask (cold effect) is recommended in all body treatments when a firming, tonin..
Thermoactive Mask provides anti-cellulite effects due to its iodine content which improves the blood..
Casmara Body Moisturizing 500ml with unisex formula is a multi-vitamin body moisturizing milk t..
Intensive Liporeducing and firming cream; 3 in 1! It reduces localized fat deposits, visibly el..
a treatment cream against stretch marks. It offers a repairing and preventing function nuancing stri..
Hyperemic gel and soft peeling for the body. Unisex formula for all ages and skin types, at any time..
Conductive and firming gel for all skin types. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. &bu..
Body treatment to help reduce cellulite related symptoms: local accumulation of fat, liquid retentio..
Casmara BodyArt-F Cream 200ml is to apply on the body to reduce the cutaneous sagging, to resha..
Hydrating peeling with a satin silk effect for all skin types. It is Detach dead skin cells, hydrate..
Casmara BodyArt-R Cream 200ml with soft and silky texture is an energizing and revitalizing cre..
Body treatment to help reduce cellulite related symptoms: local accumulation of fat, liquid retentio..
Casmara BodyArt-S Cream 200ml is a cream concentrated to apply after the daily cleansing, bath,..
a treatment cream with rich texture specialized destined to the neck, décolleté and br..
with Sweet Almond and Menyanthes Trifoliata The extensive professional skills and expertise of th..
DSD de Luxe Intensive Skin Care Cream enriched with Shea Butter and betain penetrates quickly, prote..
A moisturizing body lotion enriched with an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid derivative to help regenerate the ski..
39.90€ 34.90€
Help to prevent and combat dryness and age spots. Used regularly this rich, anti-ageing hand cream p..
19.90€ 18.90€
This amazing wash-off cleanser foams on contact with water for a luxurious and highly effective clea..
29.00€ 19.90€
Exfoliating Body Gel with unique smoothing and softening 3-in-1 action: Cleanses, exfoliates, soften..
34.90€ 27.90€
Exfoliating Body Gel with unique smoothing and softening 3-in-1 action: Cleanses, exfoliates, soften..
120.00€ 99.90€
Hand cream for Chapped Skin Intensive recovery treatment course for very dry, chapped skin. Avoca..
Cuticle & Nail Wonderpen Brilliant nails and healthy cuticles within 14 days. This mix of joj..
The solution to frayed and irritated cuticles. This rich cream with vitamin F, aloe vera bisabolol r..
Cuticle Remover Gently loosens overgrown cuticles. When lying loosely on the nail surface, cuticl..
Cuticle Softener Pen Daily care for supple cuticles. Avocado and castor oils and vitamin E and C ..
Treatment course for instant repair of nails that have suffered extreme damage due to the removal of..
Hand Creme Extra Anti Aging is a rich daily care for a flawless and youthful skin. Retinol and UVA+U..
Optimal daily care for soft, smooth hands. This fast absorbing cream with UV A + B filters restores ..
Daily care for healthy, resilient nails. The exceptionally hydrating formula with D-Panthenol and ..
Treatment for healthy, resilient nails. This oil, enriched with almond and lemon oils, restores the ..
Natural scrub for silky and well-groomed hands within one minute. This scrub with conditioning oils ..
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