Capri Beauty Line

The brand Capri Beauty Line is the result of over 25 years of activity in the world of beauty. The history of the company, begins in fact in 1989 through people that, feeding a great interest for the world of the aesthetics, have made of his own passion their mission. It born in fact as specialized activity in to distribute products and device  in the sector of the Professional aesthetics, the Self International becomes well soon an important point of reference of it.

On the base of the knowledges and the motivations acquired during this long experience, in 1992 the brand Capri Beauty Line is created, elegant , young, dynamic and absolutely Made In Italy, whose sting of strength are the effectiveness and the safety of the products, the based innovation on a constant technological search and the respect of the skin, always considering the characteristics of the single individual to offer personalized solutions and lasting results.

Give to the beautician the essential tools to valorize the natural beauty of every woman ,it represents the mission that Capri Beauty Line pursues for a long time. Wanting to guarantee success to the beautician, further to offer cosmetic produces and technologies of high quality, furnishes services that supports the professionalism of it, valorizing her job. Complete treatments of comfort that begin in the aesthetical center, with the support and the competence of the professionist and to continue at house becoming daily rite of care, health and love. Pathways of beauty personalized for fighting in depth every type of defect, realized also  thanks to the experience of our clients the only ones in degree to interpret the real needs of the skin and to take takes care of with contemplated treatments.


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