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After Sun

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Soft body emulsion for application after sun exposure to restore  moisture and softness to the..
19.00€ 14.90€
Soothing Pure Natural Gel. The pressed juice of the inner part (filet) of Aloe Brabadensis leaves fo..
Gatineau Laboratories have created an exclusive complex of avant-garde active ingredients - Mé..
PREPARES, INTENSIFIES AND PROLONGS TAN FORMULA: face and body tan enhancing cream. M..
After sun face and neck cream. Anti ageing and after sun repairing cream specifically studied to reg..
SOOTHES, REPAIRS AND REFRESHES FORMULA: After sun cream. MAIN USE: Calms, refreshes ..
202 AFTER SUN GEL FOR FACE AND BODY supplies the skin – thirsty after exposure to the sun &nda..
36.90€ 25.90€
The new after-sun mask provides intensive care and effective regeneration. Three active-ingredient c..
47.90€ 33.90€
Refreshing and cooling 10-minute moisturising mask After only a few minutes, this treatment mask ..
A gel for cleansing hair and skin after sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Cleanses delic..
An anti-wrinkle cream that moisturises and nourishes for use after sunbathing. It prevents wrin..
Coconut oil, walnut shell and plant butters in a cream for using in the shower to keep ski..
After-sun cream for the skin on face and body. Extract of Epilobium angustifolium and Aloe ..
Leave in Moisturiser is an intense hydrating treatment for dry, sun (or salt water), or chemically d..
35.40€ 27.90€
Soothing Action • Reduces skin redness, irritation and inflammation (Acetylated Pro-Vit..
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