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Crema para el cuerpo

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Designed to soften and smooth the skin, shea butter significantly extends the skin's moisture re..
Multifunctional restorative balm 100% Natural THE SECRET OF THE AMAZON. A rich combinati..
DSD de Luxe Intensive Skin Care Cream enriched with Shea Butter and betain penetrates quickly, prote..
Fast-acting soothing cream for sensitive and hyperactive skin This exceptionally gentle formula..
Body emulsion that fights against premature skin ageing. Active principles ARGAN OIL : Extra..
53.90€ 52.90€
Fresh gel made of seaweed & polipeptide that improves skin firmness and elasticity. Active ..
67.90€ 59.90€
Intensive hydration cream 3 plant butters with nourishing, protective, softening and regenerating..
Most innovative butter to tone and slim the body, it leaves the skin nourished, lifted and firmed gi..
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