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Luxe Hydro-Nutritive Cream is a light creamy facial gel easily absorbed by the skin with moisturisin..
66.00€ 48.90€
Creamy, pleasant and light emulsion, formulated for the localized treatment of the areas with a..
13.90€ 10.90€
Seborregulating cream that helps to reduce the over greasy and clogged pores. Its effects are: antis..
42.00€ 29.90€
The flagship of Anna Lotan Laboratories. This light moisturizing cream has gained its reputation ..
A calming daily emulsion formulated for sensitive, oily/combination skin. Absorbed easily, it leaves..
Especially designed for soothing oily/problem skin, this soft moisturizer offers gentle relief reduc..
A light, soothing, oil free, herbal cream gel. Ideal for delicate oily or combination skin. Ex..
Improves the skin's oxygen metabolism, moisturizing and matting. Enables skin to use oxygen prov..
Make-up and care in one product. Skin irregularities and redness are perfectly concealed. The comple..
a hydrating cream which helps to treat in localized way the oily areas of your skin. This cream is ..
a facial treating gel selective oil balance, that intelligently regulates the oil secretion. This g..
This non-greasy and non-comedogenic emulsion has been formulated to purify, mattify and hydrate comb..
41.00€ 35.90€
this fast-absorbing day cream nourishes the skin, restores its moisture, and rebuilds overall firmne..
The delicate and pleasant textured cream is rapidly absorbed, reducing shine and greasy appearance f..
A refreshing day treatment cream,  non-oily, absorbs easily, nurtures and moisturizes,&nbs..
Oil free moisturizer with delicate ingredients suitable for oily skin. Contains natural Vitamin..
Innovative moisturizer that restores skin's moisture reservoirs, as it protects it from harmful ..
Powerful anti-aging cream with advanced lifting and firming technology. Concentrated firming agents ..
Puryfing and soothening face cream specifically designed to develop a complete anti-acne strategy. U..
Oily Skin Dual Action Cream Day/night sebum-balancing and anti-ageing cream.   Redu..
An ultra-fresh gel that is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and matte. For combinati..
Fresh, light cream which is rapidly absorbed by the skin with Vitamin C+C. Neutralizes the formation..
69.90€ 51.90€
Light, clarifying facial treatment with antioxidant agents for impure, oily skin that visibly reduce..
Regulating face gel-cream for combination or oil-prone skin Indispensable skin care for restoring..
Enriched with a sebo-regulating ingredient extracted from Avocado, it is ideal for impure, mixed ski..
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