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Distinctive feature of the serums is that they consist of particles of a small molecule size, which facilitates their penetration into the skin.This explains their high efficiency and visible results. The most common serum components - are vitamins, antioxidants and acid. Serums are advised to use both young and adults. For each type of skin you can pick up its corresponding serum , but it must be remembered that in addition to serum you need to use other cosmetic products because it cannot replace all of them

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AQUASENSE Rehydrating Concentrate is a highly moisturizing and softening fluid that restores the ski..
36.90€ 34.90€
Serum, which provides intensive lifting, increased skin density and high hydration. Collagen serum i..
69.90€ 49.90€
Depigmentant ampoule that lightens the freckles and helps to balance the overpigmentation.  Ma..
62.00€ 44.90€
Firming concentrate that helps to increase the blood circulation, to stimulate the cellular breathin..
62.00€ 44.90€
Highly moisturizing concentrate that improves the skin´s elasticity and tone. It relaxes and c..
62.00€ 44.90€
Nourishing and hydrating ampoule that prevents water evaporation on the dry and sensitive skins and ..
62.00€ 44.90€
Whitening concentrate that helps to fight the overpigmentation and unifies the skin colour.  M..
62.00€ 44.90€
Nourishing concentrate that helps to stop the appearance of wrinkles and has a high regenerating pow..
62.00€ 44.90€
It helps to balance the sebaceous secretion, eliminates the brightness and purifies the facial cutan..
62.00€ 44.90€
It provides hydration, nourishment and regeneration. Also, its acts against symptoms of stress cause..
62.00€ 44.90€
It helps to normalize the very sensitive and irritated skins and revitalizes the skin deeply. Its us..
62.00€ 44.90€
Facial serum that contributes to the maintenance of optimal levels of skin hydration, immediately an..
61.90€ 48.90€
A sophisticated comprehensive anti-age facial serum that prevents and slows the effects of passing t..
Luxe Facial Serum is a concentrated fluid to be applied before our Luxe Day And Night Cream. This pr..
59.00€ 42.90€
Luxe Gold Facial Serum containing Gold and highly sought-after Caviar Extract offers regenerative an..
73.00€ 49.90€
Oxygen Concentrate is an easily absorbed transparent gel for professional treatments. It activates t..
71.90€ 44.90€
Oxygenating fluid acts upon the deeper layers of the skin activating the cellular metabolism and oxy..
49.90€ 34.90€
Creamy, pleasant and light emulsion, formulated for the localized treatment of the areas with a..
13.90€ 10.90€
Treats excess oil Helps prevent breakouts Calms and purifies skin Leaves skin hydrated and ..
53.00€ 39.90€
Purity Purifying Fluid is a textured purifying product which regulates sebaceous secretion, closing ..
An emulsion concentrate that relieves the sensation of discomfort and deeply revitalizes the skin. I..
49.90€ 34.90€
A serum concentrate of immediate effect, with a notable tensio-active action, vigorousness and ..
56.90€ 44.90€
Amazing 2 piece set for day and night lifting and firming serums  Presented as a set of tw..
120.90€ 91.90€
A serum concentrate composed of Stem Cell complex, originating from algae, proteins and DNA from mar..
65.00€ 49.90€
Hyaluronic Acid originates from a precious stone found in our body, to which we owe the beauty of ou..
Vitamin C Vitamin C Concentrate is a professional product based on stable Vitamin C which protects t..
73.00€ 52.90€
A stable Vitamin C based fluid which acts by protecting the skin from the oxidizing effects of free ..
57.00€ 45.90€
A whitening complex with Arbutine Extract that is a powerful depigmentating agent, which inhibits me..
62.00€ 44.90€
The flagship of Anna Lotan Laboratories. This light moisturizing cream has gained its reputation ..
A silky smoothing natural red serum with Vitamin C Ester as an active antioxidant which is also know..
Luksuslik, kontsentreeritud, rahustav, korts silumiseks emulsioon. Kõik komponendid on suland..
Vee baasil seerumi pakkudes kohest korts silumiseks, tõste tunne.  aktiivne korts silumi..
A luxurious silky fluid serum that softens and replenishes the skin with premium moisturiz..
An active wrinkle-relaxing formulation that provides quick, glamorous results.  Excellent fo..
Marine Fluid. An excellent blend of natural ingredients for enhancing the skins moisture retention. ..
An oil free, fruit acid gel-lotion, containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids. To achieve optimum skin renewal,..
The newest innovation from Biodroga Systems, the needs of demanding, mature skin are met with the Ag..
FACIAL LIFT FLUID - A true star product with both instant and long-term effect! It immediately impar..
Vitamin concentrate This „vitamin cocktail“ imparts fresh energy! With Vitamin A Palm..
Anti-age advanced formula 0.3 serum Retinol (Vitamin A) is known for its multiple effects so that..
Concentrated serum The Rosa-Calming Serum is a concentrate for topical application on the face. F..
Serum for pigment spots Ant-Pigment Spot Serum is for skin the freckles and pigment spots that le..
Serum for UV damaged skin Anti-UV stress serum is to be used with beginning or already existing U..
Hyaluronic Acid Gel Concentrate is a fountain of moisture and regeneration for acid-treated skin. Hy..
Pore Refining Serum for coarse-pored skin that is out of balance and tends to be oily, especially in..
The newest addition to the Oxygen Formula family that complements and optimizes the Oxygen Formula s..
Instantly revitalizes the skin giving it tone and firmness. The active ingredient Q10 improves the a..
a fluid texture rejuvenating treatment for skins marked by signs of aging, for women and men. In or..
SeboControl with unisex formula is a gel solution with anti-septic properties that allows to tr..
Facial shock treatment. Concentrated Serum antioxidant due to its optimal concentration of the Goji ..
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