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Histomer Formula 201 BotuMimic Concentrate 14ml

Marca: Histomer
Código Producto: HIS201P11

Histomer Formula 201 BotuMimic Concentrate 14ml


BotuMimic Concentrate is a non-invasive treatment designed to considerably reduce expression lines. Its action both attenuates the typical contractions of facial mimicry and restore density in the sub-epidermal connective tissue. Based on Argireline Peptides, a precious peptide resembling active ingredients used in cosmetic medicine to relax expression lines.

Active Ingredients: Argireline, Zanthalene, Acetyl Glucosamine, Gardenia Jasminoides Stem Cells

Recommended use: Every evening apply 5 to 10 dropsat least 5 drops of BotuMimic Concentrate (1-2 drops at time) on forehead wrinkles, around the outside of the eyes and between nose and mouth. Gentle massaging until completely absorbed.

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