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Tahe Lumiere Express Post Colour Treatment 5X10ML

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Tahe Lumiere Express Post Colour Treatment 5X10ML

Tahe Lumiere Express Protective Cure 10X10ML


Post-colour treatment with Argan Oil and Trionic keratin

What is it?

Intensive cure and colour protection for hair, rich in Trionic keratin and argan oil.

What does it do?

Protects the hair’s fibres, creating an impermeable layer that preserves the colour pigments within the hair, due to the affinity of its properties with the hair’s natural keratin. For spectacular shine.

When is it used?

Used to prolong the colour; it acts as a protective layer over the hair’s fibres, allowing the colour to last much longer.


Long-lasting colour and amazing colour and shine, due to Trionic keratin technology. Leaves the hair rehydrated and revitalised. 

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