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GIGI Retin A NMF Renewal Cream 75 ml

Brand: GiGi
Product Code: 33079

GIGI Retin A NMF Renewal Cream 75 ml

Gigi Retin A N.M.F Renewal Cream - Moisturizing Cream with Retinol.

N.M.F Renewal Cream moisturizes and strengthens the skin
Cream based on N.M.F. (natural moisturizing factor), designed to neutralize the serious depletion of natural moisturizing factors associated with the regular use of cleansers, an unfavorable external environment and natural aging. Creates an active moisture system in all skin layers and prevents dryness and itching. Enriched moisturizer to strengthen the skin after professional peeling.

The innovative complex includes an extensive group of ingredients: peptides, lactic and glycolic acids, retinol and minerals.
The cream contains urea and natural extracts.
Contains a combination of moisturizing ingredients that give the skin the necessary energy for regeneration and healing.
Improves various functions, immediately increases moisture level
Usage:Morning and evening, massage the cream on clean skin, until full absorption. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when exposed to sun. On a clean face should be applied as needed during the day

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