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Histomer Drain O2 Slimming Body Dual Action Cream 400ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISO2V01

Histomer Drain O2 Slimming Body Dual Action Cream 400ml

A synergistic composition of lipolytic and drainage active ingredients effectively eliminates all the main defects responsible for the development of cellulite in the tissues.
Stimulates the lymph flow, mobilizes fat tissue and triggers the withdrawal of excess fluid and toxins.

For home care is recommended to combine with a moderate reduction in calorie content of food


extract of pink pepper, sea plankton, ginger zingiber zerumbet, medicinal clover, stem cells shandra marrubium and sharovnitsy


Apply 1-2 times a day with a gentle massage on the abdomen, hips, legs and hands with a short massage in the direction from below-upwards.

Using the new Airless package, the entire drug can be used up to the last drop

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