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Histomer Histan Active Protection Quick Tan Special Cream 250ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISTAP04

Histomer Histan Active Protection Quick Tan Special Cream 250ml


FORMULA: face and body tan enhancing cream.

MAIN USE: accelerates, intensifies and prolongs tanning for an even effect. Prevents formation of spots.

ADDITIONAL ACTION: anti-age firming effect. Leaves skin firmer, more hydrated and supple.

AREA: face - body. 

FORMULA BENEFITS: suitable for very sensitive skin, sun intolerant skin and specific critical areas (moles, scars, rosacea, vitiligo, actinic keratosis). Dermatologically tested, sweat and water resistant, photostable formula, also suitable for children.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: UVA-UVB filters, Albizia Julibrissin Anti-Glycation Complex, Repairing Zyma-complex, Centella Asiatica stem cells, Oxygenating Vita-complex.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: can be used in a variety of situations: a) to prepare skin a few days before exposure to sun; b) during exposure to intensify tan; c) for 2-3 weeks after the summer holiday to prolong tan. This product has no sun protection. Therefore, use product for 30 - 60 min depending on sun tolerance of skin and also depending of time of day skin is exposed to sun. After your exposure to the sun with Quick Tan it is important to put a Sun Protection Cream such as SPF 30 or SPF 50+.

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