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Histomer Hydrating Intensive Serum 12x2.5ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISHP5

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Histomer Hydrating Intensive Serum 12x2.5ml

A revolutionary system of intense moisturizing action, instantly adds shine and elasticity of the skin, makes it smooth and elastic. Well-established program of deep moisturizing salon Hydrating Formula Histomer suitable for almost any skin type.

Contains the special extracts of Srem Cells of botanic origin, carrying a concentrate of vital energy to the very heart of skin tissues. It also contains other precious natural substances that are intensily moisturizing, fight oxydants and protect and regenerate the tissues. Thankks to its complex formula, Histomer Hydrating Intensive Serum helps the forming of a new, deeply moisurized, smoother and more elastic skin, at the same time protecting it from the harmful effects of negative enviromental factors, fighting and reducing wrinkles and skin relaxation, globally rejuvinating the face.

Active ingredients: extracts of the stem (histomeric) root cells of English oak, beech bud wood and common lilac (new), Sodium Hyaluronate, glucose, urea (new), a rich set of aminoksilot having a low molecular weight for the best penetration into the deeper layers of the skin (arginine , serine, histidine, alanine, threonine, lysine, glycine), natural sugars (fructose, sucrose), mannitol, sorbitol, PCA (polycarboxylic acid), glycogen, citrulline, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, glutamic acid, sodium glutamate, acids: malonic, tartaric, citric, glycolic, lactic

How to use: To maintain the effect of lifting and hydration is recommended for home use - can be applied both morning and evening, after the usual cleansing the face, gently massaging and tapping with your fingertips.

A remarkable result is shown when it is used together with demaroller. (
Packaged: 12 vials of 2.5 ml

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