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Histomer Xanthy Lipo Dren 400ml

Brand: Histomer
Product Code: HISXV8

Histomer Xanthy Lipo Dren 400ml

Rapid absorption massage cream with powerful draining action. Bottle 400 ml.

PERFORMANCE:The essential completion for professional Xanthy treatment. With its exclusive components, XANTHY LIPODREN encourages complete drainage of adipose cushions, lymphatic elimination of fluids and toxins, and firming of skin tissues. It visibly reduces the typical waves of cellulitis on skin surface.


• Xanthy-Stem Complex.
• Escin with lipo-draining action
• Bioflavonoids (Troxerutin) capillary protective action
• Guarana, Centella, Edera and Butcherbroom Extract with slimming action
• Serenoa Serrulata Extract with lifting action




With the client still in a prone position, after thoroughly removing the Zyma Body and Zyma Bust mask with the dedicated Body Gloves, place a moderate amount of XANTHY LIPO DREN on the palm of the hand, apply on the dry skin, and start whole hand stroking first on one leg and then on the other, with slow enveloping movements, proceeding bottom upwards (draining action).
Repeat the same manoeuvres thrice on both legs.
Then move on to the back and arms, spreading XANTHY LIPO DREN with a slow movement from the centre upwards, followed by three semicircular (“fan-like”) rising movements from the bottom outwards, leaving the arms.

Request the client to turn over to a supine position, and repeat the previous manoeuvres, massaging an adequate amount of XANTHY LIPO DREN from the bottom upwards, one leg at a time, for three times. Treat the upper regions (abdomen, arms) as done previously for the back, with the same amount of product and the same method.

Stand at the head of the bed and apply XANTHY BUST CONCENTRATE on the breast as per instructions on previous page.


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