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Ainhoa Exigence Wrinkle Precision Cream SPF30 Extra Rich (50ml)

Brand: Ainhoa
Product Code: R4001

Ainhoa Exigence Wrinkle Precision Cream SPF30 Extra Rich (50ml)

Extra rich facial cream treatment which acts with maximum precision repair   wrinkles from inside of the skin, including deeper wrinkles. 
While returns to face firmness, density and strength with age lost, providing the extra skin hydration and nutrition need to dry skin. 
Its powerful formula incorporates an active revolutionary obtained from marine biotechnology extract Crambe Maritima, which stimulates epidermal regeneration and reactivates the natural power of the skin to rebuild their own stuff, filling in wrinkles from the inside. 
This is coupled with a powerful anti-free radical that protects the skin against external aggressions action. They enrich glycopeptides Soy formula with redensificante and firming action, Opuntia Ficus Indica extract, which recovers the self-renewal capacity of the skin. 
An anti-wrinkle deep and absolute strength for demanding fur outcome. 
Rich and creamy for dry to very dry skin texture. At any time of year. 
The most demanding precision wrinkle. 
Inspired by the ability of the skin to rebuild and renew their own stuff, AINHOA Exigence creates a new dimension in anti-wrinkle care for demanding skin. 
A revolutionary anti-aging beauty strategy which pursues a clear objective: to act with the utmost precision installed on wrinkles on the skin, including the deeper, to repair them from the inside and restore youth to the face. 
Day after day the skin becomes smoother, firmer and refreshed, radiant youth. 
The best of science in the  cosmetics. 

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