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Anna Lotan Greens Replenishing Balm 50 ml

Brand: Anna Lotan
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Anna Lotan Greens Replenishing Balm 50 ml

An active exfoliating Night-time cream giving replenishing care for Dry Skin.

Softens and gently exfoliates facial skin in order to enhance skin’s renewal.

Replenishes the skin with a vital moisture complex that mimics the skin’s own NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).

Vital nutrients and trace elements to give the skin a rejuvenated appearance.

Application at night will gradually reveal a fresh underlying skin layer that is smoother, softer and better moisturized.

Preservative: Paraben free

Directions: Apply to the face and neck after evening cleansing. Keep away from the eyes. Due to the presence of fruit acids, a slight tingling may be felt during initial applications. Discontinue if this becomes uncomfortable. greens Pure Essence may be applied over this Replenishing Balm after it has been fully absorbed. Note: Always protect your skin during the day with a cream with an SPF of 20 or more.

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