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Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms.

1.1. These General Terms regulate the legal relations occurring between the clients of the  store (heretofore called the Buyer) and the company Premium Makeup OU managing the store (heretofore called the Seller) upon purchasing goods. The General Terms outlined below must not violate the valid laws and other valid legal acts of the Republic of Estonia. In addition to the General Terms, the relations between the Buyer and the Seller shall be regulated by the price list of the beauty store and by the established good practices.

1.2. The Seller shall retain the right to amend or supplement these General Terms and the price list unilaterally at any time without prior notice. The relevant amendments or supplements shall enter into force at the moment of the relevant information being published at the Sellers website beauty store. Orders placed before the amendments to the General Terms and the price list entering into force shall be governed by the terms being in force at the moment of placing the order, unless prescribed otherwise in the valid law or in these General Terms.

1.3. By formalising an order in the  store, the Buyer shall confirm having reviewed these General Terms and agreeing thereto.

2. Price list.

2.1. The price list shall consist of the prices displayed by the Seller in the beauty store for the products on sale, displayed in the relevant valid currency depending on the environment language selected by the Client, excluding delivery cost and including local taxes.

2.2. Delivery cost may depend on the total cost of the ordered goods per one delivery address. The exact cost shall be displayed in the store with delivery options offered upon formalising the order and also in the separate section titled "Purchase Instructions". The delivery cost shall be calculated on the prerequisite of one delivery to one target address. If the Buyer wishes to receive the ordered goods at multiple addresses, then a separate order needs to be placed for each address. The name and cost of the selected delivery shall also be displayed on the Shopping Basket page before confirming the order and on the pre-payment invoice sent to the Buyer-s e-mail address together with the order confirmation.

2.3. The Seller shall retain the right to adjust the prices of the goods at any time. If the Buyer has sent an order before the price adjustments entering into force, then that order shall be fulfilled for the prices valid at the moment of confirming the order, on the prerequisite that the confirmed order has been paid for within the payment deadline stated on the pre-payment invoice.

3. Shopping basket and formalising orders.

3.1. The beauty store shall create the Client-s shopping basket automatically at the moment of the Buyer clicking the button "Add to shopping basket". The Buyer shall have the right to change the number and amounts of the products in the shopping basket unilaterally at any time.

3.2. After clicking the button "Place order", the pre-payment invoice shall be displayed on screen as a confirmation of the order; a copy of the pre-payment invoice shall also be sent automatically to the e-mail address stated by the Buyer in the order. The sales contract (heretofore called the Contract) shall be considered signed if the funds from a payment order initiated by the Buyer have been received on the bank account of the Seller within the payment deadline stated on the pre-payment invoice.

4. Paying for the goods.

4.1. The Buyer shall have the following options for paying for the ordered goods:
On the basis of an invoice, VISA credit card. Mastercard credit card, American Express credit card or PayPal

4.2. It is recommended to pay 100% of the total cost of goods as pre-payment in the  store.

5. Delivery and handover of goods.

5.1. After the Contract has entered into force according to clause 3.2 of these General Terms and the goods ordered additionally for fulfilling the Buyer-s order have arrived in the stock of the Seller, the co-operation partners of the Seller shall deliver the ordered goods to the parcel terminal selected by the Buyer or to the delivery address stated in the order. If the Buyer wishes to change the delivery destination, then the Buyer shall notify the Seller about this before the delivery time via My Account>>HelpDesk or Contact form. If the Buyer notifies about the wish to change the delivery destination on the date that the Seller has planned as the date of making the delivery, then the Seller cannot guarantee the change of delivery destination but shall make all efforts to achieve this change. In such a case, all possible additional expenses resulting from such a change shall be covered by the Buyer and shall be paid upon receiving the goods.

5.2. The Seller shall be obliged to fulfil the order no later than within 60 days after the confirmation of the Buyer-s order, unless agreed otherwise between the parties of this Contract. If the Seller is unable to fulfil the order, then the Seller shall notify the Buyer about this and shall return the sums paid by the Buyer immediately and no later than within 60 days. If the Buyer loses interest in the purchase due to an extended delivery deadline, the Buyer shall have the right to cancel the order and the pre-payment made by the Buyer shall be returned.

5.3. The Seller and the postage enterprise or courier company providing the Seller with a sub-contracting service shall not be liable for any delays or misunderstandings in delivering the goods if the relevant delay or misunderstanding has been caused by the lack of precision of the data provided by the Buyer upon placing the order.

5.4. In case of delivery by courier, the goods shall be handed over to the Buyer personally on grounds of a delivery document. The Seller hereby recommends that the Buyer should definitely verify the packaging of the products before receiving the goods and signing the delivery document. In case of visible damages, the Buyer shall have the right to refuse to receive the goods. With a signature on the delivery document the Buyer confirms that the packaging was intact or without visible damages at the moment of handover of the goods or that the Buyer was satisfied with the condition of the packaging and that the goods themselves are not damaged. In order to refuse to receive a product with damaged packaging, the product must be returned to the courier and the relevant information must be sent to the Seller via My Account>>HelpDesk or Contact form.

6. Cancellation and Refund Policy.

6.1. The Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from a purchase transaction formalised in the online environment, if this withdrawal is made within 15 days after receiving the goods or after the handover of the goods to the Buyer. In order to return the goods, the Buyer must send the relevant application to the Seller via My Account>>HelpDesk or Contact form. The returned product must be the original delivered set – unused and in unopened original packaging. Both the product and its packaging must not show any signs of usage, any scratches, etc.

The postage fee paid by the Buyer shall not be returned upon returning the goods. In case of withdrawing from the purchase transaction, the Buyer shall cover the expenses related to the returning of the goods .

6.2. All goods delivered by the Seller will be marked and no goods not sold by the Seller shall be accepted as returned goods. In case of discovering an attempted fraud of the Buyer, the Seller shall have the right to withdraw from the transaction and to demand compensation of all expenses related to the specific incident. All complaints regarding goods purchased from the beauty store can be sent to the Seller via My Account>>HelpDesk or Contact form.

6.3. If the returned product or its packaging is damaged by fault or negligence of the Buyer, then the Seller shall have the right to offset the decrease of the product-s value from the returnable amount paid by the Buyer for the goods.

6.4. If the Buyer disagrees with the opinions of the Seller as stated on the basis of clauses 6.2 and 6.3 of these General Terms, then the Buyer shall have the right to order an assessment by an independent expert in order to determine the party at fault in the given situation. The expenses related to the expert assessment shall be covered by the party having stated an unjustified opinion.

6.5. The Seller shall have the right to cancel the Buyer-s order unilaterally if the pre-payment has not been received on the bank account of the Seller within the payment deadline stated on the pre-payment invoice or if the ordered goods are not available anymore and the Buyer is not agreed to receive the replacement goods offered by the Seller. In case of refusing replacement goods, the pre-payment for the cancelled products shall be returned to the Client.

7. Security and privacy policy

7.1. Upon payment by a credit card in the beauty store, the company PayPal Inc. shall be responsible for the credit card data. The Seller has access to reports of credit card transactions only and has no access to the full credit card number. You can get additional information about security of the data used in credit card payments from the web site of PayPal Inc. (

7.2. The Seller shall use the information presented by the Buyer primarily for the fulfilling of purchase orders and shall not disclose the information about the Buyer, discovered in the course of making purchases, to any third parties, unless in cases prescribed in the valid law. Client data can be used in direct marketing only with the consent of the Buyer; such consent shall be granted by stating a personal contact address upon subscribing to the newsletter or upon filling in the form for registering as a client.

7.3. The Buyer shall have the right to contact the Seller at any time in order to revoke the Buyer-s wish to get personal offers. The Buyer shall also have the right to request that the Seller stop processing the Buyer-s data or that the Seller delete such data, if the relevant right results from the Personal Data Protection Act or from other valid legal acts.

8. Liability and Force Majeure circumstances.

8.1. The Seller and the Buyer shall be liable for damages caused by violating these General Terms, pursuant to cases and scopes prescribed in the valid legal acts of the Republic of Estonia. The Seller shall not be liable for a partial or full non-performance of a sales contract, if the non-performance has been caused by a Force Majeure circumstance.

8.2. The Seller shall be responsible for the technical specifications of sold products only in the scope of the product data stated at the moment of the sale and in the scope of the goods being not falsified. There may be minimal differences between the volumes or weights as displayed in the beauty store and as displayed on the actual package of the product, due to conversions of various volume and weight units.

8.3. The Seller shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the Buyer as a result of use or misuse of the products. The Seller has not conducted independent tests to verify the safety of the products to user-s health (for example, testing suitability for different skin types, allergenic properties and compatibility with other products, use in special conditions, etc.).

8.4. Any compensation paid to the Buyer for any goods for whatever reason cannot exceed the amount paid to the Seller for the same goods. Also, the Buyer shall not be compensated within the scope of these General Terms for any moral damages due to the Seller changing any delivery times, prices or other terms, nor for any lost opportunities due to a change of terms.

9. Other clauses.

9.1. Any and all matters not regulated with these General Terms shall be regulated by the valid law of the Republic of Estonia and by other legal acts regulating relations between the Parties. Any disputes and differences of opinion between the Parties resulting from fulfilling these General Terms shall be solved primarily via mutual negotiations between the Parties. If an agreement cannot be reached, then both Parties shall have the right to turn to the Consumer Protection Board or to a court in order to protect its rights.

10. The Seller-s requisites:

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