Vagheggi reworks the tradition of natural cosmetics with the most advanced laboratory and analysis technologies, with conception of ‘unique’ products based on scrupulous selection of raw materials based on their geographic origins, concentration of their active ingredients, seasonality and harvesting method (e.g. Lavender from Upper Provence picked in June, White Amazon Clay, Antarctic Mud, the Resurrection Plant from the Central American desert, etc.). This carefully controlled process of study, selection and processing means Vagheggi makes unique “bespoke” cosmetics, each element meticulously studied and chosen to become part of a particular product for a certain need, based on synergy of its active ingredients.
In other words, a choice of qualitative excellence that refuses standardisation.

Vagheggi decided to be ‘green oriented’ way back in 1975, when this was still not trendy. Research and development of products for the face and body uses elements and properties from the world of nature. Vagheggi uses more than 300 raw materials of extracts, essential oils, molecules of flowers, plants, roots, algae and minerals.

Silky nourishing oil with Murumuru butter. Multifunctional formula, it protects body and hai..
Coconut and olive oil, Shea butter and vitamin E with a nourishing and anti-oxidant effect to p..
Disposable stretch cotton body wraps for an “anti-water” body-sculpting treatment. A col..
Thermo-active body mask with fisetin and frambinone, released by phosphatidylcholine to combat unsig..
Active slippery cream with verbena, cloves and elderberry, in synergy with frambinone and fisetin fr..
Body scrub with a nourishing texture made from strawberry and cranberry seeds and Mediterranean salt..
Concentrate of Verbena, Elderberry, Cloves and Horse Chestnut to improve micro-circulation and drain..
Concentrate of active plant ingredients: Yellow Poppy and Caffeine, combined with Euglena stimulate ..
Innovative synergy of shea butter enriched with olive oil that, thanks to the raw sugar cane it cont..
Extracts of tomatoes and watercress combined with minerals delicately exfoliate and purify the skin...
WHITE MOON ILLUMINATING CLEANSING MOUSSE Non-homogeneous skin,dull complexion, appearance of ..
Brightening action  Environmental pollution, incorrect exposure to the sun’s rays and ho..
This special formula immediately soothes and brightens the skin. It purifies deep down and evens out..
A formidable ally for skins that tend to look grey and suffer from blemishes and lack of radiance. A..
Fizzy unifying mask 1, a special gel, when mixed with Activating Solution 2, whitens and smoothes co..
Brightening action  Environmental pollution, incorrect exposure to the sun’s rays and ho..
Specific scrub action to renew and even out skin. A special pool of active plant principles, such as..
Gel for optimum preparation of facial skin with a smoothing brightening action. It forms a foam that..
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