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Casmara ShineStop Hydramatt Cream 50ml

Marca: Casmara
Código Producto: A00101

Casmara ShineStop Hydramatt Cream 50ml

a hydrating cream which helps to treat in localized way the oily areas of your skin.
This cream is especially formulated for the oily, combination and shiny skins, it moisturises and harmonises the skin of your face.
It contains a combination of active principles with a double action :
- Marine Affinisphere : new active concept indicated for oily skins. Microsphere of Collagen and glycosaminoglycans covered with an oily film that carry zinc gluconate internally.
- Amiporine : purified extract of the Pomegranate fruit rich in aquaporins. The aquaporins are proteins that participate to the maintain of the cutaneous hydric balance.
- Aqua Shuttle : transport actives by imitates the structures of microscopic marine algae composed of countless channels.

Apply the cream on a clean face.

Indication: Moisturizing, matifying cream

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