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GiGi Ester C Night Renewal Cream 50ml

Marca: GiGi
Código Producto: 19072

GiGi Ester C Night Renewal Cream 50ml

A night time moisturizer combining a derivative of Vitamin C with Mandelic Acid to accelerate the night renewal processes and repair damage that occurs during the day. It neutralizes oxidants that damage the skin during the day, lightens and dissolves melanin spots, increases production of elastic fibers and increases the skin’s natural moisture level to firm the skin. The addition of the Mandelic Acid in the formula enhances vitamin activity without causing irritation, assisting metabolism and renewal of epidermal tissues. This night cream is suitable for sensitive and dark skin. Every morning, after nightly use, the skin looks fresh and lighter and is able to deal with the damage of radiation and the environment.

Use: In the evenings, spread liberally on cleansed skin and massage until the cream is completely absorbed. For increased results use the Ester C Facial Soap in combination with Night Renewal Cream.


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