Over the past 20 years, SeSDERMA Laboratories has developed over 300 innovative skin care products and treatments, paving the way for many dermatology breakthroughs. Our specific skin treatments and products are world renowned in the medical community for their effectiveness, and quality. Our products are produced under the highest standards with the latest technology and finest ingredients, providing the best products possible.
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Hydration and protection of the eye area. Treatment and prevention of wrinkles, crow's feet, puf..
39.90€ 32.90€
Eye patches with vitamin c Contains vitamin C to protect and strengthen the resistance of the ski..
Intensive serum with vitamin c Daily defense booster serum. Moisturizes the skin and provides an ..
Mist with vitamin c.Liposomal vitamin c with flash effect. Immediate results for all skin types. ..
Face cream for all skin types Moisturizes matte, dull and tired looking skin. Prevention and trea..
42.90€ 34.90€
Daily fluid with vitamin c The skin on our face is subjected to many aggressions (pollution, wind..
Radiance mask Facial skin is constantly subject to many aggressions (pollution, wind, cold, tobac..
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