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Anna Lotan Alodem Soothing Mask 70 ml

Brand: Anna Lotan
Product Code: 779

Anna Lotan Alodem Soothing Mask 70 ml

A calming gel mask especially designed to quickly cool, sooth and relieve redness of the skin.

Optimal topical treatment following Resurfacing, Abrasion, Peels, Minor Burns or Over-heated skin.

Contains a wealth of polysaccharides (Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera, Mallow) that intensively hydrate the skin with moisture.

Calming botanical extracts of Chamomile, Rosemary, Echinacea and Green Tea effectively sooth the skin, significantly reducing discomfort within 15 -20 minutes.

The special texture of the mask allows easy application for the required duration without any occlusive films.

Preservative: Paraben free

Directions: 1. For best results apply the mask in a generous enough layer to maintain it as a moist pack for at least 15-20 minutes. Add another layer of the mask or "revive" it by spraying a fine water mist over it to keep it moist for the required application time.)
2. There is no need to rinse the mask off at the end of the treatment. The excess may be gently removed with a soft moist wipe.
3. Soothing treatment with ALODEM mask may be repeated as often as required.
4. Remember that irritated skin is intolerant to UV exposure especially during peak hours. Use an effective sunscreen, in accordance with your skin type, if exposure cannot be avoided.
5. Keep the mask in a cool dark place.

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