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Anna Lotan Barbados Non Oily Daytime Protection SPF50 50 ml

Brand: Anna Lotan
Product Code: 303

Anna Lotan Barbados Non Oily Daytime Protection SPF50 50 ml

A non-oily protective day cream excellent for delicate oily or combination skin. 

Provides wide spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection together with the necessary moisture balance designed for these skin types.
Leaves a fine protective barrier ideal for oily, large-pored skin leaving a smooth sensation. 
Contains active moisturizers Polysaccharides and Aloe Vera to provide a comfortable sensation during exposure.
Tree resins (P. Lenticus) are film forming substances added to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and give their typical herbal scent to the cream.
A skin penetration enhanced (vectorized) Undeylenic Acid derivative has been added to enhance hygienic conditions on these vulnerable skin types.
Enriched with premium antioxidants (Vitamin C Ester and Dunaliella Salina Extract) to minimize the harmful effect of free radicals, so especially important during exposure to UV light

Directions: Apply daily to face and neck before going to the sun using gentle massage movements until absorbed into the skin. 

Even though using a sunscreen, it is recommended to take the following precautions:
. Avoid unnecessary exposure, especially during peak hours.
. Using a hat and sunglasses gives further UV protection.
. Do not expose babies under 6 months to direct sunlight.
. The cream should be applied in sufficient quantity and intervals necessary to maintain the claimed protection factor.
External use only! Use for designated purpose and according to directions!
Keep away from the eye! Keep out of reach of children!
Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs! Do not use on broken skin! Contains Oxybezone

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