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Anna Lotan Classic Pomegrate Serum with Ester C 30 ml

Brand: Anna Lotan
Product Code: 4327

Anna Lotan Classic Pomegrate Serum with Ester C 30 ml

A silky smoothing natural red serum with Vitamin C Ester as an active antioxidant which is also known for its skin lightening effect.

Equally beneficial for dry, normal or combination skin.

This "non tacky" serum is readily absorbed as it pampers the skin and gently restores its lipid mantle.

Enriched with pure (solvent free) concentrated CO2 extracts of Pomegranate seeds and Gromwell root, that also provide the natural red hue.

Additional oil soluble vitamins (E, F & A) provide optimal protection for the natural components.

Enhances the softness of all skin types without leaving an oily after-feel.

Preservative: Natural

Directions: 1-2 drops of this luxurious, non aqueous enrichment supplement will enhance the treatment effect of any skin care.

To obtain best results, it is recommended to apply this oil based supplement OVER the water based day or night care of choice, spreading it gently with a few massage movements, until absorbed.

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