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Anna Lotan Clear Dry Touch Purifying Spot Treatment 50 ml

Brand: Anna Lotan
Product Code: 806

Anna Lotan Clear Dry Touch Purifying Spot Treatment 50 ml

A local application, purifying astringent gel for Oily, problem skin, designed for both professional and home use. 

- Rapidly absorbed by the skin leaving an absorbent powdery film that soothes skin redness. 

- Enriched with purifying herbal astringents (Lichen, Mimosa and Myrrh) to support Oily skin hygiene. 

- Contains Vitamin B5 and balancing moisturizers to prevent over drying. 

- Contains coneflower (Echinacea) extract and tapioca seed powder to calm the skin immediately upon drying.

- A preservative free formulation, largely composed of naturally derived, sustainable ingredients.

- A natural scent totally derived from the active components, without any additional fragrance.

Preservative: Natural

Directions for Home Use:Use locally over problem areas of Oily skin, especially after the evening cleansing, and let dry without rinsing. 

A slight tingling may be felt upon application, especially on broken skin, due to the presence of alcohol extracts. This sensation will disappear upon drying. 

When used during daytime, spread the gel with clean fingertips over the required area. Makeup or protective day cream may then be applied on top.

Directions for Professional Use: Apply locally during deep pore cleansing, immediately after extraction, to purify the skin.

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