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Keenwell Biologics Instant Flash 10x3ml

Brand: Keenwell
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Keenwell Biologics Instant Flash 10x3ml

IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Non-sticky aqua serum with great extensibility.

For lip skin with wrinkles and, especially, periocular lines.


-Has a powerful, instant testing effect which lasts for hours.

-Closes the pores and smoothes cutaneous microrelief.

-Immediate tensing effect, reducing wrinkles and facial limpness.

-Ideal for applying under make-up as it leaves a tensing and protective film on the skin and closes pores.

-Smooth, taut and soft skin, with no visible pores for hours.
-Starting with the forehead, apply with gentle circular massaging movements until fully absorbed. The contents of each ampoule are sufficient for two applications.

-It is essential to leave it to dry completely so as not to break the tensing film. If applying make-up afterwards, use gentle touches with a sponge, without dragging as this may also break the film.

-Use topically. Do not inject. Shake well before using.

-Ionisable at the negative pole (1.5-2mA).


HIBISCUS Milk Botanical Hibiscus exotic tropical fruit. Has an immediate tightening and firming effect long term. A aminograma very similar to the casein in milk increases the degree of hydration of the stratum corneum to improve the softness and comfort of the skin.

LARICYL Extract obtained from the Polyborus oficinales fungus known in French pharmacopoeia as the elixir of long life. Has an immediate and visible effect on closing cutaneous pores, adding softness and smoothing cutaneous microrelief

VEGESERYL Soya based botanical proteín serum with high instant lifting effect.Antiwrinkle and repairing properties.Helps to improve elasticity and face skin confort


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