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Maria Galland 720 Creme Fine ACTIV'AGE

Brand: Maria Galland
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Maria Galland 720 Creme Fine ACTIV'AGE

Light and at the same time nourishing face care with stem cells and peptides, which compensate for the signs of aging and environment-induced skin changes.

Test results show that 720 CRÈME FINE ACTIV'AGE has a proven firmer, smoother and more elastic skin and has a visible anti-wrinkle effect. The moisture supply of the skin is significantly improved. The exclusive combination of stem cells and peptides acts in a multi-step process: it promotes the vitality of the skin stem cells, supports their biological function and strengthens the epidermal matrix.

A patented extract of raspberry stem cells, a kidney bean stem cell extract and the highly efficient anti-pollution complex of tomato leaf stem cell extract and vitamin B3 protect the skin against UV-induced skin aging and oxidative damage. Selected plant peptides stimulate cell renewal and strengthen the extracellular matrix.

Apply to face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening

Raspberry stem cells; Kidney beans stem cells; Tomato leaf stem cells; Vitamin B3; Peptides from the artichoke

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