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Tahe Botanic Tricology Fitoxil Forte Classic Concentrated Treatment 6x10ml

Brand: Tahe
Product Code: TH79059

Tahe Botanic Tricology Fitoxil Forte Classic Concentrated Treatment 6x10ml


Hair loss program

With Cytokines, Biostimulins, Ethyl Panthenol, Magnesium, Wheat Germ, Soy Proteins and Amino Acids.

Powerful combination of active ingredients that ensure nutrition and health for the hair, improving density, slowing the fall in men and recovering follicles in women. The objective of FITOXIL is to stimulate and protect the hair bulb and the surrounding dermis to prevent and stop excessive hair loss.


TESTS FOR EFFECTIVENESS - Tests carried out on 40 subjects with androgenetic alopecia showed successful effects in:

  • Stimulation of follicles.
  • Reduction in hair loss.
  • Return to normal hair formation. 
  • Regeneration of the stratum corneum and increase in hair strength.
  • Cytokine complex, with lactic proteins for outstanding biological action. Stimulates the cellular metabolism and regulates the hair’s growth cycle, for cases of hair loss from diffuse to androgenic alopecia.  
  • Bio-stimulants, essential amino acids and oligo elements, from vegetable sources, that provoke an increase in the cellular oxygen consumption, with ingredients proven to treat, condition and nourish the hair.
  • Ethyl Panthenol, Inositol, acetyl cysteine and acetyl methionine: with revitalising properties for the hair follicles.
  • Magnesium. Essential for all living cells, performs various important functions:
    • Muscular contraction and relaxation.
    • Function of certain enzymes in the organism.
    • Production and transportation of energy.
    • Production of proteins.
  • Wheatgerm, contains strong antioxidant properties and regenerates the hair fibres. Highly effective in the treatment of alopecia, strengthens and nourishes the hair’s roots.
  • Soy proteins, obtained from non-GMO sources and certified by ECOCERT, by measured hydrolysis that results in a balanced composition of peptides, amino acids and mineral salts. For intense revitalisation and bio-stimulation. Proved action by different cellular in vivo tests. Results:
    • Short-term. Stimulates oxygen consumption, which in turn increase the cells’ energy capacity.
    • Long-term. Stimulates cell renewal for stronger hair.
  • Amino acids (N-Carboxyethyl-gamma-butyric acid), which has the principal function of stimulating the cellular growth capacity of the dermal papillae and the germinal matrix of the hair follicle.


We recommend washing hair with FITOXIL SHAMPOO Strengthening Effect before applying FITOXIL FORTE CLASSIC CONCENTRATE HAIR-LOSS TREATMENT.

  1. Apply FITOXIL SHAMPOO Strengthening Effect to wet hair, massage in and rinse. Repeat if necessary.
  2. FITOXIL FORTE CLASSIC CONCENTRATE HAIR-LOSS TREATMENT. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply the contents of ½ vial (5ml) to the scalp and massage in to the affected areas. DO NOT RINSE.

The application of FITOXIL FORTE CLASSIC TREATMENT is recommended at least 3–4 times a week for the first 2 months. The ingredients in the treatment will stimulate the blood flow in the scalp, and this may cause a slight reddening of the skin, or a hot and cold sensation. The frequency and time necessary for the FITOXIL FORTE CLASSIC TREATMENT to be effective will depend on the gravity of the problem and the reaction of each person. Use FITOXIL ANTI HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO to wash hair between each application of the concentrated FITOXIL FORTE CLASSIC TREATMENT.



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