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Tahe Micelar Mask 400ml

Brand: Tahe
Product Code: THMC2

Tahe Micelar Mask 400ml

Pollution protection

Catch and remove impurities gently. Pollution protection shield.

Your hair clean and strong, at the same time nourished in depth.

Perfect combination of nutrients and micellar complex that traps impurities on the surface of the hair, leaving it clean and strong while nourishing it in depth.

  1. Wash hair and apply a sufficient amount.
  2. Distribute through the mid-length and ends and massage in, comb through to detangle, Leave for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Almost everyone has heard about or experienced the benefits of micellar water, its incredible cleansing power and its gentle effectiveness at eliminating impurities.

Well, luckily for us, this concept can now be transferred to our hair care.

Pollution doesn’t only affect the skin, it also affects the hair, and in a much more aggressive way. The exposed surface of hair is much greater than that of the skin on the face, yet hair has no cellular mechanisms with which to protect itself from pollution. This means that polluted particles build up on the hair’s fibres, adding weight, destroying its smoothness, suffocating the pilous bulb and causing weakness and broken fibres.

Tahe Nature Micellar is the ideal solution.
A range that perfectly combines nutrients and an exclusive micellar complex.


* Micelles are formed by molecules that are one part hydrophilic (attracted to water) and one part lipophilic (attracted to fats). 
The lipophilic nucleus binds by affinity to fatty residues like dirt and product residue from styling products such as spray, gel or mousse. The external hydrophilic layer then allows these intelligent molecules to dissolve in water when the hair is rinsed without stripping the hair or scalp of essential nutrients.

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