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Tahe Power Gold Anti- Frizz Straightening Shampoo 400ml

Brand: Tahe
Product Code: TH73460

Tahe Power Gold Anti- Frizz Straightening Shampoo 400ml

Anti-frizz Straightening
Shampoo formulated with organic acids, with straightening properties, and liquid gold, softener and hair reconstructor.

Due to their small molecular size, organic acids can penetrate from the cuticle to the hair cortex and bind to Keratin - by interaction with heat source - providing a long-lasting hair straightening and anti-frizz effect.

Wear suitable gloves.

See the instructions in the catalogue or the video guide.


1. Wash hair once or twice with residue-eliminating shampoo and towel dry. 
2. Apply approximately 50 ml Power Gold Shampoo to all the hair, and DO NOT ADD WATER. Use a circular massage to create foam and cover with a cap or plastic film. Leave for 30 minutes under heat. 
3. Rinse thoroughly. 
4. Dry hair completely. Divide into thin strips and apply straighteners from the roots to the ends (use professional judgment according to the condition of the hair for the temperature and repetition of application).

Note: To maintain the effects of the treatment, follow up with a home maintenance routine using sulphate-free Gold Shampoo, Total Repair hair mask, and Keratin Gold Mask. 

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